Why Us

WildFloraTour is a registered company based in Chengdu and the name WildFloraTour is a registered trade mark owned by the owners of WildFloraTour . The founders of WildFloraTour are a group of plant enthusiasts, they love plants and hope to share their plant knowledge with you. We are among the first few in China who share professional plant knowledge in English to people from different parts of the world. We hope our informative pages and the stunning flower pictures taken by our plant experts can give a taste of fun from flower watching tours in China.
Our tour operators themselves are lover of plants who have usually spent months, in many cases even years,looking for flowers in different places of China. We have carefully picked the places when we recommend the itineraries listed on the website to you, taking into consideration of different factors. We have tried our best to make our flower watching tours full of fun, educational, safe, and filled with opportunities to see natural and cultural wonders. We will spare no effort to make your best flower watching trip in China with our professionalism and knowledge.
Unmatched knowledge about local plants and flower watching places.Bilingual flower watching expert team. Flexibility in planning itineraries with both professional or amateur flower watching. Many years of running high-end travel business, strong logistic supports. Skilled to bring you highlights from food, scenery and local ethnic minority,not just from flowers. Unbeatable price for the same quality service. Small group size, no more than 10 people. Guaranteed departure, the minimum departure limit is only 2 person. Provide Western breakfast wherever it is possible and necessary.