Flower-watching Trip in Chengdu & Mt. Emei

In this short journey, we will take you to two great places known for the abundance of plants and flowers in Sichuan Province. These two places are located along the brim of Sichuan basin, ranging 400 kilometers from north to south, 50-70 km east to west, also known as The Rainy Zone of West China. This region has the most abundant rainfall, least sunshine hours in inland China. This area is well known for its beautiful landscapes, rich vegetation, and diversity of plants and animals.
The famous Giant panda, and Chinese dove tree were found in Baoxing County by David and later were well known by the world. The Xiling Snow Mountain is one of nearest places for looking for wild flowers and high mountain scenery in Chengdu. The Mt.Emei in this journey is not just a Buddhist sanctuary, but also a place with rich diversity of plants. We will hike in the moist mountains and forests to search for rare and endemic plants.

Xiling Snow Mountain: the vegetation range from subtropical evergreen broad-leaved to alpine coniferous forest, with large elevation and significant vertical distribution of the vegetation, so ,the plant species are very rich and we can see all kinds of wild flowers.

Mount Emei: Mt. Emei is not just a Buddhist holy mountain. It is a paradise for plants with the most abundant plant species in Sichuan. There are 3700 species of higher plants distributed this area including large number of endemic species. Mt. Emei is also a national geological park in China.So 1996, the UNESCO listed Emei Mountain and neighboring Leshan Giant Buddha as World Nature and Culture Heritage Site.


Tour Guide: Cory

Cory Li,co-founder and manager of Wildflora, is a super fan of nature especially for flowers. His passion about nature grows from the beauty of greens in the little boys’ eyes. As a native of Sichuan Chengdu, he has spent a lot of time exploring nature in the mountains nearby his hometown. During his study in Sichuan University, he has begun to participate lots of outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing, and started to study flora by teaching himself. After graduation, he even spent more time in the wild than in the office exploring wild flowers in Sichuan and neighboring provinces with other nature lovers. He himself has photographed about two thousand wild flowers species. He even found several new distribution of some endemic species, and even some new species of plants jointly with some other nature lovers. He loves to share his findings and stories behind the photos with other nature lovers on internet and has lots of “flora fans” in southwest China, though he never expected becoming famous out of this, he just enjoys sharing the beauty of those lovely flowers with others.
After years of exploration, Cory found that southwest China is a paradise for naturalists. The more he see, the more he feels like to explore. So he decided to quite his job as a chemical engineer and became a full time flora explorer. He wants to take people to find the beauty of those nature spirits, work on nature education for Chinese students, and help with the conservation of those endangered species.


Some flowers we may see in the trip:

1.Primula moupinensis

2. Rhododendron calophytum

3. Rhododendron hunnewellianum 

4. Primula heucherifolia

5.Cardiocrinum giganteum

6.Disporum megalanthum

7. Davidia involucrata

D1 Arrive at Chengdu International Airport, met by WildFloraTour guide and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, we arrange some visit to some city gardens.  Meals: D
D2 In the morning, we pay a visit to the largest single panda facility in the world, the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding where there are over 100 captive pandas at different ages. It is also a great place for birds and horticulture plants. After seeing pandas, we drive on to Xiling Snow Mountain scenic area. In the afternoon we will focus our search on the lower elevation areas.Overnight in Xiling Snow Mountain .  Meals: BLD
D3 Today we will focus on the search of flowers in higher elevation areas. In the early morning we take a cable car to the top. Hike along the pathway to search for flowers. We will spend most of the day searching for flowers in the higher part of the mountain. In the afternoon we take cable car down and drive to Mt.Emei. Overnight in Emei xx Hotel.  Meals: BLD
D4 In the morning, we take a park shuttle bus to Leidongping, hike to the cable stations and then take cable car to the top. From the top we walk slowly along the hiking path in search of flowers and enjoy stunning high mountain views. Then we walk back to search for flowers around Leidongping. In the afternoon we take shuttle bus to the foot of Emei mountain. Overnight in Emei xx Hotel.  Meals: BLD
D5 Hike along a valley around the foot of Emei mountain to search for flowers. Then drive back to Chengdu, en route, we will pay a visit to the world largest stone Buddha carved about 1300 years ago. It is also a world heritage site by UNSCO since 1996. Then we drive back to your hotel and WildfloraTour service ends.Meals:BL



Trip duration: 5 days
• Tour leader: Cory and a logistic guide
• Difficulty: mostly moderate.
• Best season: Apr to May
This trip can be customized to better meet your needs, taste and travel style please feel free to contact us and tell your ideas, we are more than happy to change the itinerary as you hope so that you can enjoy this trip better.
• Trip cost:1000USD/pax (Only for the sample itinerary)
• Single supplement:200 USD/pax
• Deposit: 200USD/pax
• Trip size: 2 person

The cost includes the following.
1. Transportation throughout the trip, include airport pickups and drop off at chengdu international airport.
2. Meals in local popular restaurants labeled as bld in the itinerary.
3. All the entrance tickets for places listed in the itinerary including cable cars and shuttle buses.
4.Hotel stays from first day to the last day, nice 4-star hotels in big cities and local best in local places .
5.Bottled water,seasonal fruits and snacks throughout the trip.
6. Western breakfast whenever is possible .
7. Service charges of this trip including a professional English-speaking flower guide.
8. China domestic travel insurance.

The cost does not include the following.
a. Any expense of personal nature such as laundry.
b. During the trip, extra charges due to change of itinerary from the client side or other factors are beyond the control of WildfloraTour.
c. Any flight tickets to the place where our trip start and from the place where our trip ends .
d. Expenses for visa application.