As a half Kangba Tibetan, Philip is the founder of Wildflora and is native of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. He has a deep love of his Kangba Tibetan heritage and the land where he was born and raised. Philip's career has gone from mining technician, to teacher, to translator, and finally to a guide and tour operator. Along the way, Philip discovered his passion and love for helping tourists understand the beauty and history of his people and homeland. Philip is known for his ability to plan and execute unique and exciting adventure trips exploring the sights off the usual tourist routes. He is active, open-minded, and adventurous and always ready to share interesting and useful information with his clients. As a travel professional working in this field for more than 15 years, Philip believes travel is an art and a process of learning and discovery. Each trip is a unique artistic work created with knowledge and expertise based on the resources available and interests and tastes of travelers. To help more people to understand the unique resources in panda habitats and neighboring areas, he established Wildflora with aim to bring his educational fun -filled tours to more people eager to explore and learn about China. In addition, Philip is an active and knowledgeable birder, and a dedicated photographer.