The West China is not just wildflower kingdom and also animal paradise. This is the home of Giant Panda,Snow Leopard,Golden Monkey and many other rare animals. If you are a birder,this area is also one of the best destinations for you.

Giant Panda
In the dramatic high mountains of western China, in the secluded high altitude riverine valleys, and among the dense woods and verdant bamboo forests, live the most fascinating and mysterious creatures of the world ---giant pandas, known as the “bamboo forest hermits” in China. With an interesting lifestyle, pandas are solitary in the wild and seldom exposed to the outer world. The alpine forest is their natural habitat where they live and bear their young.

Snow leopard
Snow leopard (Panthera uncia syn. Uncia uncia) is a member of the large cat. They are endemic to the Central and South Asia. They are found in 12 countries, including China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Mongolia, their habitat range covers 772,204aq mi (2 million km2).
2015 has been dubbed as the “Year of the Snow Leopard” by 12 countries . Under the endeavor and discussion, the “trans-country co-operation to save the cats” was supported.China has the largest snow leopard population. The population is now believed about 2000 individuals which is about half of the total population in the world. They are primarily found in the interior of the Tibetan Plateau and on the northern slope of the Himalaya.