Enjoy a Sichuan Wildflower Expedition Tour with Us

Sichuan is known for being one of the most diverse spots for wildflowers in China. You can view Hundreds different species of wildflowers in their full bloom in this area. We, at WildFlora Tour, can organize a Sichuan Wildflower Expedition tour in the best seasons and to the right habitats under expert guidance. So, unleash your passion for flower-watching or come to this wildflower holiday in Sichuan with friends and family to explore the unique wildflowers that are found in China.

Overview of Sichuan

Sichuan is one of the best wildflower flower watching holiday destinations in China. Sichuan is located in Southwest of China. Because of diverse climates and great elevation difference, Sichuan has great plant diversity. Over ten thousand species of higher plants have been found in Sichuan and about 500 species are endemic.

Sichuan is also the hometown of many garden flowers. 100 years ago, some western plant collectors came to Sichuan for collecting wonderful flowers. The most famous and successful one is E.H.Wilson. He travelled in China for four times and introduced thousands plants to Europe. Three most remarkable plant among those are Chinese dove tree (Davidia involucrata), yellow Chinese poppy (Meconopsis integrifolia), and regal lily (Lilium regale).

Other Attractions in Sichuan

There is more to Sichuan than just flower watching. Explore the natural beauty, the interesting culture, and the thrilling adventures you can find in Sichuan. Indulge in a number of sight-seeing tours, wildlife trips and national park tours, and other points of interests.



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