Orchid Photo Tour China

Explore the Beauty of Endemic Flowers with Our Orchid Photo Tour in China

There are more than 1300 species of orchids that can be found in China. Most of these are spread across the South and the Southwest of China. And Sichuan is one of those provinces where we can experience an amazing diversity of orchids in the whole of China. You can expect to see over 440 orchid species. Among these, Cypripedium (Slipper Orchids) is the most attractive. There are about 50 species of these Slipper Orchids all over the world and half of them are available in Sichuan. The other kinds of orchid species that can be found here include Calanthe, Cymbidium, Amitostigma, or Neottianthe. The Cypripedium species grow in forests, thickets or stony places on the grasslands with a height of 1500-4000m, and some of them are easy to view in Sichuan. Some of this flower species are-

  • Cypripedium tibeticum

  • Cypripedium flavum

  • Cypripedium shanxiense

  • Cypripedium guttatum

  • Cypripedium bardolphianum

  • Cypripedium plectrochilum

  • Cypripedium henryi

  • Cypripedium farreri

If you want to catch a glimpse of these beauties, you must visit during May and July. June is the best time to view such flowers. So, if you want to view the flowers but also capture them in your lens, then go for an orchid photo tour in China. WildFlora Tour organizes brilliant flower photo tours which will enable you to photograph these endemic flowers and create a fond memory. We have a professional team who are well-aware of both flowers and cameras. So, you can get some really amazing shots in the orchid photo tours in China

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