New species of Primula

New species of Primula was found in Sichuan

A new species, Primula pengzhouensis (Primulaceae), from central Sichuan, China, is described and illustrated. It is assigned to Primula sect. Aleuritia subsect. Yunnanensis, and is most similar to P. socialis, but can be easily distinguished from that species by its much larger flower and elliptic or ovate-elliptic leaves.
The new species is presently known only from a small area of Pengzhou, central Sichuan. It grows on shade and moist cliffs in thin forest, at altitude of 1170 m. Flowering occurs in March to April. Presently only one population with approximately 500 individuals has been found in an area of 3 km2. According to IUCN red list criteria (IUCN, 2012), this species should be included in the category ‘Critically Endangered’ (CR) (B2abiii).