Cory Li, co-founder and general manager of Wildflora, is a super fan of nature especially for flowers. His passion about nature grew from the beauty of greens in the little boys’ eyes. As a native of Sichuan Chengdu, he has spent a lot of time exploring nature in the mountains nearby his hometown. During his study in Sichuan University, he began to take lots of outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing, and started to study knowledge about flora by himself. After graduation, he even spent more time in the wild than office exploring wild flowers in Sichuan and nearby provinces with other nature lovers and photographed about two thousand wild flowers species. He even found several new distribution of some endemic species, and even some new species of plants along with some other nature lovers. He loves to share his findings and stories behind the photos with other nature lovers on internet and became a “flora idol” in southwest China. He never expected becoming famous out of this, he just enjoys sharing the beauty of those lovely flowers with others.
After years of exploration, Cory found that southwest China is a paradise for naturalists. The more he see, the more he feels like to explore. So he decided to quite his job as a chemical engineer and became a full time flora explorer. He wants to take people to find the beauty of those nature spirits, work on nature education for Chinese students, and help with the conservation of those endangered species.

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