Rhododendron is a genus of woody plants which belong to heath family. Rhododendron is shrubs or trees, evergreen and deciduous. the smallest species is only a few centimeters high, and the tallest can grow up to 20 meters ! Most of them have showy flowers with pink, red, yellow, white colors. There are about 960 species of Rhododendron in the world, of which 560 species are in China, and more than 200 species are in Sichuan. So China is really the kingdom of rhododendron. Every year from April to June, the Rhododendron bloom in mountains with altitude rising. From afar, like the mountains covered with a colorful, gorgeous open brilliant purples and reds times.     1. Rhododendron argyrophyllum     2.Rhododendron calophytum     3.Rhododendron oreodoxa     4.Rhododendron pingianum     5.Rhododendron ambiguum