Meconopsis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Papaveraceae ,which are commonly known as “blue poppy”. It contains About 50 species and most of them are distributed in Himalayas and Hengduan mountains. China has 38 species, and most of the species just live in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. Though they are related to the poppy but do not produce opium. Their flowers are not just blue, but also purple, red, yellow, and even white. Because of their beautiful flowers, they are loved and pursued by people all over the world.  

 1. Meconopsis punicea


2. Meconopsis racemosa


3. Meconopsis lancifolia


4. Meconopsis integrifolia


5. Meconopsis henrici


6. Meconopsis quintuplinervia 



Primula is a genus which cover 500 species,2/3 of them are distributed in Himalayas and Hengduan mountains. These species and many others are valued for their ornamental flowers. They have been extensively cultivated and hybridized - in the case of the primrose, for many hundreds of years. These plants bloom mostly during the spring, with flowers often appearing in spherical umbels on stout stems arising from basal rosettes of leaves. Their flowers can be purple, yellow, red, pink, blue, or white, even black.

1. Primula moupinensis


2. Primula orbicularis


3. Primula involucrata subsp. yargongensis


4. Primula sonchifolia


5. Primula tangutica


6. Primula heucherifolia


Orchid family is one of the largest families of flowering plants in the world, including about 28000 currently accepted species, distributed in about 763 genera. In China about 1300 orchid species have been recorded. And most of these species are distributed in South and Southwest China. The Orchids are easily distinguished from other plants, as they share some very evident, shared derived characteristics, or "apomorphies". Among these are: bilateral symmetry of the flower (zygomorphism), many resupinate flowers, a nearly always highly modified petal (labellum), fused stamens and carpels, and extremely small seeds. Though orchids are widely spread in the world, but they are becoming more and more endangered because of habitat damage and over collection. as one of the most orchid diversity province in China , Sichuan have more than 440 orchid species and some groups such as slipper orchids are very rich in Sichuan. About 22 slipper orchids are found in Sichuan and some are endemic.  

1. Cypripedium tibeticum


2. Cypripedium flavum


3. Cypripedium franchetii


4. Cypripedium shanxiense


5. Cypripedium guttatum


6. Cypripedium bardolphianum


7. Cypripedium plectrochilum


8. Cypripedium smithii



Rhododendron is a genus of woody plants which belong to heath family. Rhododendron is shrubs or trees, evergreen and deciduous. the smallest species is only a few centimeters high, and the tallest can grow up to 20 meters ! Most of them have showy flowers with pink, red, yellow, white colors. There are about 960 species of Rhododendron in the world, of which 560 species are in China, and more than 200 species are in Sichuan. So China is really the kingdom of rhododendron. Every year from April to June, the Rhododendron bloom in mountains with altitude rising. From afar, like the mountains covered with a colorful, gorgeous open brilliant purples and reds times.     1. Rhododendron argyrophyllum     2.Rhododendron calophytum     3.Rhododendron oreodoxa     4.Rhododendron pingianum     5.Rhododendron ambiguum  


Lilium( commonly known as lily) is a genus of lily family including about 80 kinds in the world. There are 39 species in China, mainly living in the Southwest. They are perennial herbaceous plants. All species have very bright and colorful flowers. They have white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, or green flowers ,often with spotted on petals . they often bloom in early summer. the most famous one is Lilium regale, commonly called regal lily. It was collected to Europe by Wilson, and has been developed into many new varieties.   1.Lilium lophophorum     2.Lilium duchartrei     3.Lilium davidii     4.Lilium regale


Gentiana is a large genus of Gentianaceae including about 400 species, which are widely distributed in the temperate regions of the world alpine zone, most of them are annual or perennial herbaceous plants, some are evergreen. Most of these species have blue trumpet- shaped flowers. China has more than 230 species and main of these grow in alpine scree, alpine meadow and shrub of Southwest China.     1.Gentiana veitchiorum     2.Gentiana rubicunda     3.Gentiana trichotoma     4.Gentiana algida     5.Gentiana nubigena