Join us!

In the fast growth of our businesses, we are constantly looking for personnel who share our values, love travel, are ready to learn and share, and have good credibility and personality. We are looking for especially outstanding graduates from nature-related majors to join us. They need to work in Chengdu and can expect to lead some of our trips.
1. Special Experts; Graduates of Special fields (With major in Ornithology, Entomology, Zoology, phytology, Amphibiology and Geology).
Main Responsibilities of Special Experts

Build Data base of relative fields in Wildflora
Share special knowledge with Wildflora clients if needed
Participate in public education by teaching how to appreciate certain field of nature resources.
Writing or editing books for recognizing and appreciating nature resources


Eager to learn
Basic English knowledge for communication

Friendly, helpful and ready to share
Good personality and team work