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Thanks to its vast territory, diverse land-forms and varied climate conditions, China is among the countries which have the richest higher plants species in the world with about 30000 species. The southwest of China, especially Yunnan and Sichuan province, have the richest plant diversity, including more than 60% plant species of China.Even the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau which is known as the roof of the world has about 10000 species of higher plants. WildFlora Tours are set of trips carefully crafted by our experts to meet the needs of different plant lovers with four different categories. For avid plant and flower lovers, you can go to our Processional Flower Safaris to find the trips focused only on plants and flowers. For people who want to photograph some of the most beautiful or rarest flowers, you can go to the Flower Photo Tours to find the trip. For people who love plants and flowers but only want to stay in nice city hotels and enjoy classic attractions besides flowers and plants in classic Chinese gardens, you can go to our City Garden Tours.With such an immense territory,abundant bio-resources, rich historic heritage sites and natural attractions, China has a great amount to offer to the curious travelers. It is not possible for us to include all the wonderful sites and address the needs of a traveler with some set itineraries. So we have this Custom Trips for people who just want to travel in your own way, you can also send us an inquiry with information about your personal preferences.For all the trips, we focus on flowers but what you can enjoy is much more than flowers. The destinations in our itineraries always have some other charms you can hardly ignore such as endemic birds, beautiful scenery,unique local architecture and rich ethnic culture. WildFloraTour will unveil those gems to you based on your interests and do our utmost to create your best travel memory with WildFloraTour.

City Garden Tours

China has the some of the oldest and the most beautiful gardens in the world where many different flowers and trees have been cultivated or exhibited.The trips planned in the section are made for people who hope to see classic sites of China and time-honored gardens hidden behind modern skyscrapers. These gardens always are the best places to understand Chinese traditions, values and taste in aesthetics.

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