Chengdu early spring wild flower-Corydalis pinnata


After a long and harsh winter, spring comes to revitalize mother earth by warm wind and temperature, making it the best season for plants to thrive. We can find various kinds of early-spring rosaceous flora contending their fragrance and fascination. Without much notice, just one hour drive from downtown Chengdu, in a tranquil valley, many wild flowers are blooming and emitting fragrances by exhibiting their ardent petals without reservation to embrace Spring season. In those flowers, Corydalis pinnata from Qingcheng Mountain is a gorgeous fairy that we are going to introduce today.

                                           Corydalis pinnata

Corydalis pinnata belongs to Corydalis genus, Poppy family. In order to know Corydalis pinnata, we need to have a brief about the genus Corydalis. Corydalis is a large genus covering 400 species all over the world and nearly 300 of which can be found in China. Corydalis edulis is the most common one among these species. Many people have ever seen it. It is a humble herbaceous that usually grow alongside of the road with blossom season in February to March. Even not popular to the public, most Corydalis are like fairies with gorgeous profile and appearances.

                                               Corydalis edulis

Corydalis pinnata is one of the fairies, endemic to Qingcheng mountain, used to grow on the wet shadowy rocks with an altitude of 1000 meters next to a creek waterfall in most case where the air is full of moisture. This kind of environment contribute to manifest empty spirit and saint-like temperament of this flower. No wonder, Mount Qingcheng is a dwelling place for Taoist practice of which herbaceous will also take a piece of Taoist quality. Meanwhile, Corydalis pinnata have plumage-like compound leaves but it’s not the leaves that amaze us so much but the color scheme of their flowers. During march, hardly after the ice and snow of Qingcheng mountain melt, they blossom their bright flowers in clusters on rock cliffs. Looking closely to the flower, the overall color is lovely pale pink and purple. But that was not enough, nature added a little yellow topping on it and finish a such bold and ethereal combination of color scheme for people to sigh and say ‘superb or bravo’ in front of it. Have to pay respect to the nature art, always widen our horizons.

                                 Corydalis pinnata     

Because of this color scheme, we gave Corydalis pinnata a nickname, yellow lips. If you hear someone in Qingcheng Mountain talking about the little yellow lips, it must not be something to eat or to play even not someone’s naughty child. You just need to step up and ask, “Are you talking about the Corydalis pinnata?”Well, they will turn their warm friendly sight on you.

All right, have you been amazed by Corydalis pinnata? Let’s visit this mountain fairy just when spring is in its rightful time.

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