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13 Days Botanical Trip in Rainy Mountain Zone of West China

Date: Apr. & May., 2024, 2025
Trip Focus: Classic Flower Tours
Status: Open to Booking
Trip Code: FC002
Guide(s): Local Guide
The Rainy Mountain Zone of West China, which is located along the west rim of the Sichuan Basin, ranges 5070 km east to west and 400450 km from north to south, with an area of 25,000 km 2 or 0.26% of the territory of China. This area is the transition zone between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. From the Chengdu Plain sitting at 500 meters above sea level, it rises steeply to snow mountains above 5000 meters above sea level. The huge height difference intercepts the monsoon water vapor like a barrier, the east side of the mountains is very rich in rainfall, the mountains are surrounded by clouds and mist all year round, and the air is humid, which is very suitable for the growth of plants. This region has the most abundant rainfall, least sunshine hours in inland China. This zone is well known for its beautiful landscapes, plentiful vegetation types, abundant resources, and diversity of plants and animals. This region is the boundary of the Sino-Himalayan Flora and the Sino-Japanese Flora. In this trip, we will travel among several famous mountains to explore the kingdom of rare and endemic plants in southwest China.

Dates & Prices

Dates Booking Status Price Single Supplement Group Size Guide
Apr.20 to May. 2, 2024 Open to Booking 2,200USD/pax 370USD/pax 6~12 Local Guide
May. 5 to May.17, 2025 Open to Booking 3,200USD/pax 370USD/pax 6~12 Local Guide
Apr.20 to May. 2, 2026 Open to Booking 3,200USD/pax 370USD/pax 6~12 Local Guide
May. 5 to May.17, 2027 Open to Booking 3,200USD/pax 370USD/pax 6~12 Local Guide

The cost includes the following:

1. Transportation throughout the trip.
2. Meals in local popular restaurants.
3. All the entrance tickets for places listed in the itinerary including cable cars and shuttle buses.
4. Hotel stays from the first day to the last day of the trip, nice 3-star hotels in big cities and local best in local places.
5.Bottled water, and snacks throughout the trip.
6. Service charges of this trip include the fees of a professional English-speaking plant guide.
7. China domestic travel insurance.


The cost does not include the following:

1. Any expense of personal nature such as laundry.
2. During this trip, extra charges due to the change of itinerary from the client-side or other factors are beyond the control of WildFloraTour.
3. Flight tickets to the place where our trip starts and from the place where our trip ends.
4. Expenses for visa application.
5. Gratuities to the guide and driver.


D1 Arrive at Chengdu. Meals: D
Arrive at Chengdu, meet your guide at the airport, and transfer to your hotel. Welcome dinner in the evening.
Overnight:Minshan Anyi Hotel (Chengdu Chunxi Taikoo Li) or similar

D2 Chengdu to Qingcheng Mountain. Meals: BLD
Visit Dujiangyan Panda Valley in the morning, in the afternoon drive to Qingcheng Mountain. We will take a cable car to the top of Qingcheng Mountain, then walk down slowly to enjoy plants, natural scenery, and rich Taoist culture.
Overnight: Happyland & Health Home or similar

D3 Qingcheng Mountain to Xiling Snow Mountain. Meals: BLD
Transfer to posterior Qingcheng Mountain. Hike along the lush valley to look for rare plants. In the late afternoon, leave Qingcheng Mountain and drive(2h) to Xiling Snow Mountain.
Overnight: Xiling Yihao Hot Spring Hotel or similar

D4 Explore the Xiling Snow Mountain. Meals: BLD
Take a cable car to the higher area of Xiling Snow Mountain for plants, In the late afternoon return to the foot of the mountain by cable car.
Overnight: Xiling Yihao Hot Spring Hotel or similar

D5 Dafeishui valley to Ya 'an Bifengxia Gorge. Meals: BLD
Hike along the Dafeishui valley for plants and beautiful scenery, in the afternoon we drive to Ya 'an Bifengxia Gorge.
Overnight: Senglin Huayu Hotel or similar

D6 Bifengxia Gorge to Shangli Ancient Village. Meals: BLD
Visit Bifengxia Gorge in the morning for plants and Shangli Ancient Village for experiencing local lifestyle and cultural immersion in the afternoon. Then drive to Ya’an city.
Overnight: Yu Du Hotel or similar

D7 Ya 'an City to Longcang Valley. Meals: BLD
Drive (1.5 hours) to Longcang Valley, explore the canyon with big trees and endemic plants such as Chinese Dove Tree, return to Ya 'an in the afternoon.
Overnight: Yu Du Hotel or similar

D8 Ya 'an to Wawu Mountain. Meals: BLD
Drive (2 hours) from Ya 'an to Wawu Mountain. Along the way, we can enjoy the scenery of bamboo forest in the canyon and experience the local old houses in Wangyu Town. In the afternoon, we will visit the Shuangdongxi Valley of Wawu Mountain for plants.
Overnight: Zhuoshan Hotel or similar

D9 Explore the Wawu Mountain. Meals: BLD
Visit the top of Wawu Mountain, wander around the coniferous forest, enjoy a large number of Rhododendron, cliff waterfalls, and alpine scenery.
Overnight: Zhuoshan Hotel or similar

D10 Wawu Mountain to Emei Mountain. Meals: BLD
Drive (2 hours) from Wawu Mountain to Emei Mountain, take a shuttle bus to the higher area of Emei Mountain, look for rare plants around.
Overnight: Xinlongmen Boutique Hotel or similar

D11 Explore the Emei Mountain for endemic plants. Meals: BLD
Get up early to enjoy the stunning sea of clouds, the sunrise, and the Buddhist temple and culture in Emei Mountain, drive to the lower area of Emei Mountain for more endemic plants.
Overnight: Jiran Hostel or similar

D12 Leshan Giant Buddha to Chengdu. Meals: BLD
Visit Leshan Giant Buddha and return to Chengdu in the afternoon.
Overnight: Minshan Anyi Hotel (Chengdu Chunxi Taikoo Li) or similar

D13 Depart from Chengdu. Meals: B

Introduction to Trip Destinations:

Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain is located in Dujiangyan, northwest of Chengdu. It is considered one of the birthplaces of Taoism and one of the most important Taoist holy mountains in China. Mount Qingcheng can be divided into two parts - the anterior part and the posterior part. The anterior part is the main part of the scenic spot that possesses alluring natural beauty and an abundance of cultural relics and historic sites. The posterior part is wilder with beautiful forests, streams, valleys, and many endemic plants. Some of the plants are named after Qingcheng Mountain.

Mount Emei

Mt. Emei is not just a Buddhist holy mountain. It is a paradise for plants with the most abundant plant species in Sichuan. There are 3700 species of higher plants distributed in this area including a large number of endemic species. Mt. Emei is also a national geological park in China. So 1996, the UNESCO listed Emei Mountain and neighboring Leshan Giant Buddha as World Nature and Culture Heritage Site.


Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, about 95 kilometers (59 miles) away from the Chengdu urban area. Covering an area of 375 square kilometers (145 square miles), it is one of the world's natural heritage, a habitat for giant pandas, and a national key scenic spot. The mountain top is covered with snow all year round. Measuring 5,346 meters (17,539 feet) above sea-level, is the highest peak in the Chengdu area. The scenery of Xiling Snow Mountain is original, natural, rough and complete, including water scenery such as streams and waterfalls, biology scenery like exotic flowers, rare plants, and valuable animals, and sky scenery such as cloud sea, sunrise, and “Buddha’s halo” over forests.

Wawu Mountain

Located in the core area of the Rain Zone of West China, Wawu mountain is 2830m above sea level and is considered the highest and largest table mountain in China. The platform of the mountain top is about 11 square kilometers, the platform is surrounded by cliffs over one thousand meters. The whole mountain range is covered by a lush virgin forest. There are dense virgin coniferous forests on the top of the mountain, as well as over 30 species of Rhododendron. In 1908, British botanist Ernest Henry Wilson came to Wawu Mountain and made a brief survey of the plant species there. He was the first foreigner to visit Wawu Mountain.


 Most of the places are easy and moderate, in some sites we need a few hours’ walks, but it is OK for most people.

 We will travel in moist and rainy mountains, so we need to take waterproof clothes and antiskid shoes.

Tour Guides

We will arrange one of our best flower guides for this trip who has rich experiences of guiding tours in this region. The following are some of our best local guides for your references.

Cory Li

Cory Li, co-founder, and general manager of WildFloraTour is a super fan of nature, especially for flowers. His passion for nature grows from the beauty of greens in the little boys' eyes. As a native of Sichuan Chengdu, he has spent a lot of time exploring nature in the mountains nearby his hometown. During his study at Sichuan University, he began to take lots of outdoor activities like hiking and mountain climbing and started to study knowledge about flora by himself. After graduation, he even spent more time in the wild than office exploring wildflowers in Sichuan and nearby provinces with other nature lovers and photographed about two thousand wildflower species. He even found several new distributions of some endemic species and even some new species of plants along with some other nature lovers. He loves to share his findings and stories behind the photos with other nature lovers on the internet and became a “flora idol” in southwest China. He never expected becoming famous out of this, he just enjoys sharing the beauty of those lovely flowers with others.

Besides, one of WildFloraTour's local guides in Southeast China will participate in this trip to ensure a high-end traveling experience.


As a new department set up in 2017 under AbsoluteWild Travel Co, Ltd., WildFloraTour consists of a group of English-speaking local plants and travel experts to provide the best quality trips for plant lovers to enjoy the beauty of the natural plant resources in China. In the past, we have organized many flower-watching trips with some cooperative travel agents under their company names. For this important page, we would quote some feedbacks made on TripAdvisor by travelers from our sister department AbsolutePanda. As a department of the same company, we share the same culture and principles.

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