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1. Why should I choose WildFloraTour?

As a new department set up in 2017 under AbsoluteWild Travel Co, Ltd., WildFloraTour consists of a group of English-speaking local plants and travel experts to provide the best quality trips for plant lovers from different parts of the world to enjoy the beauty of the abundant natural plant resources in China. In the past years, we have organized many flower-watching trips with some cooperative travel agents under their company names. For this important page, we would like to quote some feedbacks made on TripAdvisor by travelers from our sister department AbsolutePanda which focuses on quality tours around China for people with general interests in nature and culture. As a department of the same company, we share the same corporate culture and principles in running trips.

2. Pricing Questions

a. How do I complete the reservation?
To make a reservation, a certain deposit is required for different trips. Please be aware that the cost of transportation (airplane ticket, railway…) has to add up to the total amount of deposit, either paid by wire transfer or sent by Paypal. Complete payment is required 30 days before departure. For trips booked less than 30 days before departure, complete payment is required immediately. Tour prices are made based on per person and double occupancy. If a customer fails to make full payment of the trip as stated above, WildFloraTour reserves the right to cancel the tour and retain the deposit.

b. What is included in the tour cost?
The quotation of tour cost can be varied. In general, the quotation includes the following:
• All land costs, as indicated in the itinerary.
• All accommodations on a twin-bed room sharing basis.
• All admission fees and activity expenses including charges for special arrangements or permits as noted in the itinerary.
• All meals, as noted in the itinerary, and snack food, fruit, and drinking water.
• Services of a WildFloraTour guide and complete logistic support
• Domestic flight between major cities.
• Provide continental breakfast in the rural area.
• Provide invitation letter for visa.
• Chinese domestic travel insurance (coverage of 100,000RMB)

c. What is excluded from the tour cost?
• International Flight
• Chinese Tourist Visa, which is required for most foreign passport holders.
• International SOS Emergency Evacuation Service Plan
• Meals not included in the itinerary and alcohol.
• Expenses of a personal nature (e.g. mini bar, personal telecommunications, laundry, etc.)
• Excursions and activities not included in the itinerary.
For specific itineraries, please refer to the pricing tab associated with those trips.

d. Can I request to buy my domestic flight tickets?
You may purchase your domestic flight tickets, but please be aware to avoid restricted discount tickets. Those tickets are typically non-changeable once they are issued, and may result in unforeseen complications.

e. Is travel insurance needed and accounted for in the WildFloraTour cost?
Although WildFloraTour will buy Chinese domestic insurance for every client, we strongly suggest all travelers purchase an International SOS Service Plan through WildFloraTour, which provides for emergency evacuation to the nearest medical facility of international standards.

3. Health & Safety Questions

a. Can you accommodate allergies and food preferences?
Yes, the WildFloraTour team is very serious about the enjoyment of meals and choice of restaurants, because we take each meal as a chance to show you a unique local cooking culture, and regard it as a vital part of our trip quality. All restaurants will be carefully picked and all the allergy information will be properly handled. For people who are allergic to certain items, we will avoid any chance of contacting those items in our arrangement. Generally, we request restaurant chefs to not use MSG to dishes. For travelers who have severe allergies, please consult their physician before traveling. Please inform us if you are allergic to a specific food, such as peanuts, fish, or shellfish, so that our guides can be prepared and arrange restaurants ahead of time.

b. What kinds of altitudes do travelers experience?
The altitudes are under 1000 meters for regular city tours in Chengdu. However, to seek endemic flowers and attractions away from the city, our tours may experience altitudes above 3,000 meters. Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) may occur to some travelers, resulting in fatigue, headache, nausea, and loss of appetite. Our itineraries are carefully crafted to ensure travelers have plenty of time to rest and adjust to the altitude.

4. Traveling in China, Before Arrival Questions

a. How do I get a visa? What kind of visa should I get?
Nearly all foreign visitors to China will need a tourist visa. You may contact the Chinese Embassy in your area. Please note that travelers from certain countries, including the U.S., are now required to submit a letter of invitation with their visa application. If needed, WildFloraTour will be happy to provide this letter after you have completed your booking.

b. What inoculations should I get before visiting China?
You may wish to refer to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which provides a comprehensive list of recommended immunizations before traveling in China: http://www.cdc.gov/travel

c. What kinds of toiletries should I bring?
Be aware most of the restrooms don't provide toilet paper in China. We recommend that you can bring your toiletries if you favor a particular brand. It is very useful to have hand sanitizer during the outdoor journey. We will send you a handbook with a suggested packing list in PDF format before your departure.

d. What kinds of medications or medical supplies should I bring?
During the trip, WildFloraTour will have a general first aid kit. We also recommend that you can bring antibacterial ointment, antihistamines, anti-nausea medication, anti-diarrheal medication (Loperamide), insect repellent containing DEET, hydrocortisone cream for itches, Ibuprofen or other pain-relievers, and sunscreen (30+ protection factor).

e. Are there baggage weight limits while traveling by air within China?
Yes, the luggage limit is 20 kg (~44 lbs) per person for economy-class flights.

5. Traveling in China, After Arrival Questions

a. What is the state of the restrooms in China?
There are seat-toilets available in most hotels, but be aware that squat-toilets are very common in public restrooms. You may also want to bring some toilet paper to the areas where the hygiene condition is subpar.

b. How easy is it to change currencies upon arrival?
It is quite easy, you may change the currencies in international airports, large banks, and hotels. China is still very much a cash-based economy, so major credit cards are only accepted at few locales.

c. Are there any restrictions on photography?
China is a very photogenic country. Most people are very comfortable being photographed. Ask first if you have any doubt, photography could be prohibited in some temples, monasteries, and museums. It is prohibited on all military bases.

d. Is it safe to drink tap water in China?
Tap water is not safe to drink in China. WildFloraTour provides bottled water throughout the journey, and we allow restaurants to serve only purified water.

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