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Find out Abundtant Plants and Rich Ethnic Culture in Yunnan with WildFloraTour

Ranking first in terms of plant species with over 17,000 species of higher plants, Yunnan is known as the kingdom of plants in China due to its unique location and complex climate conditions. WildFloraTour provides both set departures and customized plant trips to help plant lovers enjoy plants and flowers in Yunnan in the best seasons and to the right habitats under expert guidance.

Overview of Yunnan

Yunnan boasts of the largest number of plant species in China and thus is called the kingdom of the plant. Almost all kinds of climate can be found in Yunnan, from tropical, subtropical to temperate and frigid. There are an estimated 17 thousand species of higher plants in Yunnan Province, which belongs to 274 families, 2076 genera, accounting for 62.9% of the total China higher plants. The northwest of Yunnan is the core area of the Hengduan Mountains and has plenty of alpine flowers. The south part of Yunnan is a tropical area with tropical plants. And the Southeast of Yunnan is a typical karst forest that has some unique flowers such as Paphiopedilum, also called lady slipper orchid.

Other Attractions in Yunnan

There is a lot more to explore in Yunnan than just to look for flowers and plants. Yunan also has the highest number of ethnic minority groups in China with 25 ethnic minorities, among them 15 are only found in Yunnan. The following are only some of the famous sites which you may have interests to include them into your trip itinerary. Please contact us by emailing us at to get more information about other interesting sites in Yunnan.

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