Tibet and Qinghai


Explore Endemic Plants and Rich Ethnic Culture on Qinghai and Tibet Plateau with WildFloraTour

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with its vast territory and complex ecological environment, provides favorable conditions for the growth and development of many plants. So there are various plant species, complex vegetation types, and rich plant resources, such as Androsace umbellata , Meconopsis punicea, Saussurea medusa, etc. WildFloraTour provides set departures and customized plant trips to Qinghai and Tibet Plateau in the best seasons and the right habitats with expert plant guide.

Overview of Tibet and Qinghai

Being famed as the roof of the world, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is a huge area covering the Tibet Autonomous Region, part of Qinghai Province and part of Sichuan Province with a high elevation and frozen climate. It is often called the “third pole of the world”. The vast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the world's third-least populated area where people hold great respect for nature and its wildlife as well as for Buddha. This unique belief makes Qinghai-Tibet Plateau a home to a profound variety of wildlife in great abundance. Most parts of the Tibet Autonomous Region are on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The only exception is what is called South Tibet. Instead of frigid land, this region looks like tropical zones with rainforest. Thanks to this magic form of landscapes, Tibet also has very rich plant species. As a sparsely inhabited region with a variety of different climatic zones, Qinghai province features a wide variety of beautiful natural features and diverse wildlife species. As a place surrounded by snow-covered mountains, icy peaks, the Gobi deserts, and vast pastures, there are few places as breathtaking scenic, and diverse as the natural reserves in Qinghai. The prevalent Tibetan Buddhist beliefs in the region have worked in many respects to preserve the natural wealth of this wide region. The wildlife abundance of Qinghai and the beauty, the richness can be directly linked to a harmonious balance between animals and humans. Here in Qinghai, respect for the equality of nature and animals are spiritual obligations. Over 250 kinds of wild animals including Tibetan Fox, Kiang, Tibetan Antelope, White-lipped Deer, Snow Leopard, and Wild Yak, call this ecosystem home.

Other Attractions in Qinghai and Tibet

There are a lot more we can do in Tibet and Qinghai than look for endemic plants and beautiful alpine flowers. There are stunning snow-capped mountains, beautiful architectures, glittering monasteries, groups of mammals, herds of yaks, a flock of birds, and Tibetan people in their beautiful costumes, just name a few. WildFloraTour provide set departures and customized tours into the untouched corners on Qinghai and Tibet Plateau in search of the most beautiful alpine flowers and authentic indigenous Tibetan tribal culture.

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