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Enjoy an Exciting Plant Tour East China with WildForaTour

A plant tour with WildFloraTour in East China can be lots of fun with great rewards. Hills with different elevations, numerous islands, complex climate conditions, and a variety of soils in East China are home to a great diversity of plants. As one of the first places opening up to the outside world, East China is relatively richer compared with the other parts of China with better infrastructure and hotels. As one of the most diverse spots for wildflowers in China, you can view hundreds of different species of blooming wildflowers in this area if you visit there in the right season. WildFloraTour can organize an East China Wildflower Expedition tour in the best season and to the right habitats under expert guidance. So, unleash your passion for flower-watching or come to this wildflower holiday in East China either by joining one of our set departures or getting a private trip customized for you or your family and friends to explore the unique wildflowers that are found in East China.

Overview of East China

Generally speaking, the eastern part of China include Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian and Taiwan provinces and Shanghai Municipality. East China has a great variety of habitats including rivers, lakes, mountainous and hilly areas, plains, peninsulas, coastal mudflats, and islands. The main climatic zones in East China are subtropical, with four distinct seasons. The peaks above 1000 meters are spotted in this region, and the species of plants are abundant. So far 4259 species of seed plants of 1180 genus under 174 families have been recorded in East China.

Other Attractions in East China

There is a lot more to see in East China than just flower watching. Explore the natural beauty, the rich indigenous ethnic culture, and the thrilling adventures. Following are some exciting places which can be a great addition to your tour in East China.

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