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Welcome to Join Us!

With an aim to make our team bigger and stronger, and deliver better services to more nature-lovers, we are constantly looking for personnels to work with. The applicants should share our values, love travel, be eager to learn and share, have good credibility and teamwork, and is ready to deliver good services to make great travel experiences for our clients . The personnels we are hoping to work with fall into the following three categories. The background varies based on the different way of cooperation we will build up.

1. Operation Manager

Main Responsibilities:
- Check and reply inquiries on daily basis.
- Work as plant guide when needed.
- Design and optimization of flower-watching trips.
- Upgrade WildFloraTour website.
- Share photo and videos on Chinese and English social medias.
- Initiate marketing strategy and products promotion.
- Have good plant knowledge, preferably with relative education background.
- Love travel, nature, plants and animals, learning and exploration.
- Be familiar with travel industry and working process.
- Excel in team work with great communications and coordination skills.
- Speak and write good English.
- Proficient in using domestic and foreign third-party social media (Wechat official account, Facebook, twitter, etc.).
- Proficient in various office software, and able to efficiently manage time and work.
- With keen market insight and enterprising spirit, willing to make long-term development.

2.Part-time or full-time plant guide and expert

Main Responsibilities:
Work as plant guide or expert during your flower-watching trips.
 Write articles to share in our social media.
- Provide expert suggestions for trip-planning.
- Great knowledge on plants in China.
- Willing to share when work as a plant expert during a trip.
- Basic English to communicate with clients when working as plant expert.
- Good personality and teamwork, easy to work with.

3. Partners

The partners we hope to work with in two different ways. One way is that partners who bring travelers from their home countries to China, we provide a fair partner price and work our best to ensure best trip quality under the name of our partner. Another way is that we bring Chinese plant lovers to the destination where the respective partner is based. The partner provides a fair partner price to us and work his/her ultmost to ensure the best quality of our trips under our company name.

If you are interested in it, please send the relative information to ( email subject :position + name). We are looking forward to like-minded excellent people to join us, join hands to create a better future!
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